"The Torque Show" Tee

Show your support for the best racing talk show on the planet! Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall are synonymous figures in the racing world, and now bring you "The Torque Show". #WhereWinnersHang.

This tee is super-soft and the highest grade pima cotton you can buy. Decorated with all the logos surrounding "The Torque Show". Whether you're at home watching episodes, or right with Justin and Tommy live in the fan paddock, you will be welcomed and feel a part of the action of the greatest racing talk show around!

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Measure the shirt from armpit to armpit on a flat surface.

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About "The Torque Show"  #WhereWinnersHang

Before there were lifestyle bloggers, there were real lifestyles lived by real people. Of all the lifestyles lived, none perhaps was richer than the pinnacle of professional sports car racing: brave drivers, exotic machinery, danger, beautiful women, money, and drama. This is not hyperbole. Everyone wanted to be a rock star, the rock stars wanted to be movie stars and the biggest movie stars wanted to be race car drivers; Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Patrick Dempsey, to name a few. Nothing compared to real heroes testing themselves against their own fears, their competitors and fate, driving real fire-breathing experimental race cars, putting real lives on the line, immersed in the sexiest, most glamorous world you could imagine. That was IMSA then and that is IMSA today as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

In IMSA, like every other gathering, there is the one group that is having the most fun, the fun table, so to speak. It’s where the larger than life personalities gravitate to and with them everyone’s eyes and attention. It’s where the best stories are told, the most laughter is heard, and the best times are had. Back in the day, it was perhaps Gianpiero Moretti’s transporter where he made his signature pasta for the titans of industry and the assortment of interesting, smart and beautiful people that congregated there.

Today, in the IMSA paddock, it is with Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall on The Torque Show set. Nothing against lifestyle bloggers, but they capture a lifestyle in one or two dimensions and usually just a veneer that represents the lifestyle.

"The Torque Show" is going to bring this world in all of its three dimensional richness to fans around the world. It is where everyone will naturally gather to hear their heroes share stories of the big wins, wild moments, heartbreaks, and some of the stuff not fit for television. We will break down the action, take part in some good-natured ribbing, mediate some disputes, and do a little bit of celebrating too.